Ajooni Episode 134 Video 28th December 2022 Today

Ajooni Episode 134 Video 28th December 2022 Today Full HD ,Star Plus Hindi Tv Serial Ajooni 28th December 2022 Aaj Ka Episode 134 today Online .

Ajooni Episode 134 Video 28th December 2022 Today HD

Watch Ajooni Episode 134 that has aired on the Star Plus channel in India. Could you provide more information about the show you are looking for, or perhaps clarify the title or provide more context? I will do my best to help you with your request.

It is the story of a woman named Ajooni who will go to any lengths to fight for her rights. Rajveer belongs to the Bagga family known for their power in Punjab. The Vohra family, however, are traditional but believe in progressive thinking and educating their daughters Ajooni and Meher. Rajveer Singh Bagga and Ajooni Vohra eventually fall in love despite seeming incompatible in the beginning.

Today Ajooni Episode 134 HD

Ajooni Episode 134 secret admirer, and he forces her to marry So the story is set in haryalipur. Where Ajooni and Avinash are to be engag but then Ajooni accidentally meets Rajveer in the market and he falls for Ajooni love. At first sight, he starts stalking her and breaks her engagement with Avinash after no option left Ajooni agrees to marry rajveer after marriage there are many dramas because of Bagga dolly rajveer small sister plots against . Today Ajooni as she doesn’t like her. Ajooni supports Aman her sister-in-law Harman and dolly plots together Avinash returns to Ajooni’s life. Ajooni is not satisfi with her marriage, but over time she realizes Rajveer’s genuine love for her.

Ayushi Khurana as Ajooni Rajveer Singh Bagga( nee Vohra), Neeru and Subhash’s son; Ravindra and Harman’s son– in law. Meher and Bharat’s family; Harvendra and Dolly’s family– in law;Mrs. Vohra’s granddaughter; Mrs Bagga’s grand– son– clan Rajveer’s woman ; Avinash’s former– fiancé
Shoaib Ibrahim as Rajveer Singh Bagga, Ravindra and Harman’s son, Neeru and Subhash’s son– in law. Harvendra and Dolly’s family.Mrs. Bagga’s grandson. Ajooni’s hubby.

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